Zhaolai Hotel

Muslim Friendly Tourism

Muslim Friendly Certification Hotel
The Kaohsiung ZHAO LAI HOTEL has served the Muslim travelers from all over the world. The hotel has passed the "Muslim Friendly Tourism Certification" in September 2017. In addition to providing Muslim-compliant catering services, the hotel also provides "Muslim Hospitality" to provide more convenient and comfortable Accommodation, so that Muslim travelers in Kaohsiung travel with ease and intimate.

Accommodation service, for Individuals or Groups, the hotel are prepared to enrich the Muslim breakfast, and “wash let” are prepared in the washroom itself in every room to make it more comfortable and Muslim friendly. 56 guest rooms in the hotel are prepared with Qibla Sticker on the ceiling, "Prayer Schedule" behind the door, and the "Muslim Prayer Mat" is provided in the rooms for Muslims Tourist.
ZHAO LAI HOTEL for Kaohsiung parity "Muslim Friendly Tourism Certification" star hotel welcomes Muslim Tourist and enjoys a warm and meticulous service experience.

Kaohsiung ZHAO LAI HOTEL received "Muslim Friendly Tourism Certification" on September 2017, to provide a better and professional International Services to Muslim Tourist by preparing individual stoves, kitchen utensils, tableware, ingredients, seasoning and breakfast area according to Muslim system. In addition, restaurant cleaners, restaurant staff, chefs and purchasers are encouraged to receive "Muslim Training Course" to provide more professional services to respect Islamic traditions.